John Denver’s 1980’s Ski-Themed Music Video Has Been Rediscovered And WOW Is It Special

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The world tragically lost John Denver all the way back in 1997 in a plane accident but his music lives on, and it will continue to be cherished for generations to come. ‘Country Roads, Take Me Home,’ ‘Thank God I’m A Country Boy,’ ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane,’ these are all classics. You know what else is a classic? This forgotten 1980’s Party Mountain banger from John Denver titled ‘Dancing With The Mountains’.

The music video for ‘Dancing With The Mountains’ was recently unearthed and this is a glorious look into the Party Mountain ski culture of the 1980s, the Golden Age of skiing. I came across this rediscovered music video over on Outside Online and I was transfixed by how fucking awesome the 80’s were when it came to ski season. You don’t have to give the tiniest shit about Country Music to enjoy this look back at how great the 1980s were:

If I’ve sent you down a John Denver ‘Greatest Hits’ rabbit hole with this throwback video then I apologize. Thankfully for you, there’s this ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation which I’ve also been listening to on YouTube and you can just hit that play button and let the glorious music of John Denver wash over your soul for the rest of the day:

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