Jake Paul’s Ex-GF Julia Rose Goes Viral With New Cowboy Hat And Boots

Julia Rose and Jake Paul

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Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose has been pretty quiet on social media since the couple went their separate ways in December.

The breakup was rumored for a while but Jake Paul appeared to confirm it around Valentine’s Day. Instead of sharing a picture with his ex-GF Julia Rose, he posted a picture of him drinking wine with his boxing glasses with the caption “I love you babe.”

Julia Rose came to fame back in 2020. Rose and her friend Lauren Summer flashed Gerrit Cole while he was pitching Game 5 of the World Series. She and her friends spent around $80,000 on tickets to create that viral moment but it catapulted her to fame.

While dating Jake Paul, Julia Rose was a regular fixture on his YouTube show BS W/ Jake Paul. She was also a prolific share on social media but has been pretty absent lately, until this week.

Julia Rose shared a Texas appreciation post that’s going viral. She is showing off her new cowboy hat and boots along with a clip of her singing ‘Play It Again’ by Luke Bryan:

The Jake Paul-Julia Rose breakup was messy. On an episode of the No Jumper podcast, IG Model Sky Bri admitted that Jake flew her out to Puerto Rico to hook up and told her to post about it to make Rose mad. Saying

“With Jake, the first night I hung out with him he flew me to Puerto Rico, the very first night, the first conversation we had, this is for clout. He was like at the end of this I want you to post it.

He made it a point he wanted it to be very mutually beneficial like you’re going to run with this, you can post about it, get the clout from it whatever, and I’m probably going to make Julia mad and get the revenge that I need.”

She hasn’t posted much in 2023, only these two IG galleries and the one above:

Julia’s Instagram followign is interesting. Back in July 2020, she was featured in a NY Post article that about her ‘plan to stay famous.’

In that article they wrote she had 4.8 million followers on Instagram. These days she has 1 million followers after deleting the @its_juliarose account and starting fresh with @juliaroseforpresident.

She also has 174K followers on TikTok thanks to videos like this but hasn’t posted since January, 2022:



it’s my birthday….that’s my excuse….

♬ I get krazy – The real Huey Freeman✨

Jake Paul, meanwhile, appears to be focusing on boxing as there haven’t been any rumors surrounding his relationships lately.

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