Justin Bieber Took A Digger Riding A Unicycle And The Internet Couldn’t Stop Laughing At The Photos

Justin Bieber Fell Off A Unicycle Internet Makes Lots Of Jokes PIC

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On Sunday, a picture of Justin Bieber taking a hard fall off a unicycle went viral on the internet because, well, it was a picture Justin Bieber taking a hard fall off a unicycle.

I mean, really, it doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to the internet.

For one thing, it’s Justin Bieber riding a damn unicycle. That’s a bizarre sight right off the bat. Why would anyone, let alone Justin Bieber, want to ride a unicycle in the first place? Although, I guess, what else does he have to do these days?

Throw in him wiping out on the concrete while riding said unicycle and boom, you’ve got a big bucket full of quality social media entertainment on your hands.

Now, I am assuming that Taylor Swift fans will say Bieber eating sh*t while riding a unicycle is justifiable karma taking place. Me? I just call it A Good Monday.

Check out some of the MANY hilarious reactions that took place on the Twitter machine over the past couple of days.

Oh… that’s too good.

Same ME!randa. Same.

So relatable.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! Today we all give thanks.

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