Kangaroo Got A Jump On Boxing Day And Coldcocked This Aussie Bro In The Face On Christmas

kangaroo boxing fight

Pixabay / Peter Fischer

To this day, I simply don’t have a real handle on what Boxing Day actually is. I know for certain that it’s the day after Christmas and there are always great Premier League games on TV but beyond that my grasp of Boxing Day is pretty murky.

I’ve been told that it’s a day where people box up the presents they got for Christmas to return them and there are also amazing shopping deals so it’s a big shopping day. I have been led to believe that it’s a day to box up all of the Christmas decorations and get a jump on putting everything away before the new year. And just this week I’ve seen a few headlines along the lines of ‘Hey Americans, Boxing Day isn’t about the sport of Boxing’ but I’ve yet to see any legitimate proof of this. Every country that does celebrate Boxing Day seems to celebrate it differently which makes it even more confusing since we don’t have Boxing Day at all here.

Anyway, I say all of this because the only conclusion I can draw from this video is this kangaroo was getting a jump on Boxing Day and Boxing Day is actually about the sport of Boxing and the rest of the world is lying to us. Otherwise, why would this normally docile and friendly kangaroo pop up and coldcock this Aussie in the face on Christmas Day?

According to the Post, this went down in South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia. The man, Mitchell Robinson, was trying to shoo away the kangaroo who was digging holes on his property and that’s when the ‘roo pops up and bops him right in the kisser. Mitchell Robinson’s friend Tina Grace Rowe told the local news “He was massive. He was a big male kangaroo — big chest.”

For what it’s worth, there are about 2 people killed in Australia every year by kangaroos but it’s caused by car accidents at night which is pretty wild considering there are an estimated 50 million kangaroos in Australia compared to 25 million people.

Here’s another solid kangaroo fight that was featured on BBC Earth years ago:

As a rule of thumb, you should never stare down a wild animal or show them your teeth. This includes some small animals but this is particularly true with any predators. It varies across species, of course, but it’s often seen as a sign of aggression. The longer you stare the more that kangaroo things you want to come to fisticuffs and it’s going to knock you TF out right there on the dirt. Don’t believe me? Try it with a dog or cat. Don’t break eye contact and see how worked up the dog gets. But also don’t blame me for what happens and do this at your own risk.

I guess this dude’s lucky it wasn’t one of those incredibly jacked kangaroos that punched him in the face:

I see pictures like that of shredded kangaroos and I honestly can’t help but wonder how many times some drunk hunters or farmers have injected kangaroos with muscle-building steroids (aka Vitamin S) just to see what happens. It’s almost certainly happened at least once before and I’m curious what the result was.