Kanye West Is Teaming Up With GAP On A Ten Year Fashion Deal

Getty Image

Whelp, didn’t see that coming. Kanye West continues to make his case for the world’s most unpredictable man award. One week it’s a mental breakdown. The next, he’s at the White House chumming it up with the president. And today, a partnership with Gap? THE Gap? You mean the only clothing I wore from 5-9? Sweatpants to school every single day, Gap? “Girls Are Pathetic” jokes, Gap? Cool.

Can’t help but respect the impact Kanye has on everything he touches. Something tells me that in 10 years, he’s either going to be worth 20 billion or, well, something much worse. What do you think that Yeezy Gap Kids line is going to look like? Faux fur onesies and leather overalls aren’t exactly items I’ll dress my kids in, but at least they’ll turn heads.

Rooting for you, ‘Ye.