Kanye West Fails To Make Presidential Ballot In South Carolina Despite Hosting Bizarre Rally In The State Over The Weekend

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Despite hosting a bizarre rally in South Carolina over the weekend it doesn’t seem like Kanye West will be on the Presidential ballot in the state.

Before hosting the rally, Kanye pleaded with fans in South Carolina to sign a petition to get him on the ballot.

Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t submit any of the 10,000 petition signatures needed by the Monday deadline to get him on the ballot.

Via Post And Courier

Rapper Kanye West did not submit any of the 10,000 petition signatures needed to get on South Carolina’s 2020 presidential ballot by Monday’s noon deadline despite hosting a rally in the state the previous day.

By the time the deadline passed at noon, neither West nor any representative from his makeshift campaign had arrived to deliver the petition to the South Carolina Election Commission, according to commission spokesman Chris Whitmire. No “Late Registration” will be allowed.

West had run ads on social media in South Carolina over the weekend asking voters to sign the petition and had dispatched people to locations around the Charleston area to try to collect signatures.

Kanye could still get on the ballot if he receives a presidential nomination from a certified political party in the state.

West’s only remaining path in South Carolina would be to receive the presidential nomination of one of the 10 certified political parties in the state. He had previously announced that he would be running as a candidate under the self-created “Birthday Party.”

kanye has been put on the ballot in Oklahoma but hopefully he gets talked out of running for President after the South Carolina fiasco.