Unhinged Karen Threatens To Sue Neighbor Over ‘Biden/Harris’ Lawn Sign In Electric Video

Biden Lawn Sign

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Can you imagine how little backbone one must have to be swayed by a lawn ornament?

Just think what kind of vapid, weak-minded slug could be swayed by the power of a 10×12 piece of cardboard put on display by a complete stranger.

In my American, those whose votes are affected by lawn ads should by law be required to forfeit their vote and give a second vote to someone who worth a damn.

One Trump supporter evidently believes that lawn signs are conspiring to fix the election, and she ain’t going to let it happen.


Section 5.20: No signs shall be in the yard.

Section 5.21: Residents shall not consume methamphetamines before threatening thy neighbor over a piece of cardboard.

P.S. I could’ve watched this on mute and already knew the lady was unhinged because my mom has a beach shirt just like that one and she never wears it unless she’s getting drunk before noon.

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