Keanu Reeves, Perpetually The Man, Spotted At Airport Chatting With Young Fan Who Was Pelting Him With Questions

PHOTOS: Keanu Reeves Spotted At Airport Chatting With Young Fan

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  • Keanu Reeves was recently spotted chatting with a fan at an airport.
  • Reeves apparently was happy to answer any and all of the teen’s questions.
  • The beloved actor will be returning as John Wick next March.

Considering the massive fandom that surrounds him, it’s been all quiet on the Keanu Reeves front in recent months, as we last saw the actor back in late 2021 when he was hilariously making fun of the metaverse and NFTs while promoting The Matrix: Resurrections. 

That’ll certainly change over the course of the next year, though, as Reeves is not only voicing Batman in this summer’s DC League of Super-Pets (which hits theaters on July 29), but in March he’ll be returning as the iconic assassin John Wick for the fourth film in the beloved action franchise.

And frankly, that’s great for everybody because the more Keanu Reeves is in the spotlight, the more his energy rubs off on the world. Like this recent viral photo, for example, which shows the actor chatting with a young fan at an airport who was asking him all sorts of questions.

Viral Twitter thread details Keanu Reeves’ encounter with a teenage fan at the airport

As the final tweet in the thread says: the world needs more Keanus.

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