Kellogg’s Redesigned Froot Loops Mascot Toucan Sam And The Internet Is VERY Bent Out Of Shape

Kelloggs Redesigned Froot Loops Toucan Sam And People Are Angry


For some reason, Kellogg’s decided that now would be the perfect time to completely redesign their iconic mascot for their Froot Loops cereal, Toucan Sam, and people are NOT having it.

Granted, there are far worse things for cereal lovers to be worrying about these days than Toucan Sam getting a new look. Like the fact that there are actually people out there who prefer putting water on their cereal instead of milk, but this change definitely struck a nerve.

Toucan Sam has been featured on boxes of Froot Loops since way back in 1963, and yes, he has seen a few cosmetic tweaks over the decades, so this isn’t the first time he’s gone under the, uh, pen.

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Sam’s nose originally had two pink stripes until his beak was changed to reflect the three colors appearing in Froot Loops – red, orange, and yellow.

Now, however, with Kellogg’s going nuts with a whopping eight different colors showing up in Froot Loops, Toucan hasn’t been able to keep up. (They all still have the exact same flavor: wax.)

This is the way Sam has looked for about as long as most people who eat Froot Loops can remember…

And here is what he looks like today after Kellogg’s made some rather significant changes to his appearance this month…

Wow, right?

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Yeah, it’s not going well, at all, for Kellogg’s following this very controversial move.

Once again, as is always the case with company and/or sports team redesigns, fans did it better.

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Even kids know what’s up.

Perhaps Kellogg’s should have just gone back to the OG design, huh?