After The Los Angeles Rams’ New Logo Gets Obliterated Online, Fans Went And Designed Way Better Versions

Rams New Logo Gets Obliterated Online Fans Designed Way Better Ones

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A couple of weeks back, the Los Angeles Rams decided that, for some unknown reason, they were going to change their logo. What they put forth was, well, it was not good and fans let the team have it.

There was some speculation that much like with their new roommates the Chargers, the new Rams logo was just a trial balloon and that after the horrible reaction to it the team would revamp it into something better.

That speculation would be proven to be sadly incorrect.

Fans, once again, were not happy.

The team also introduced this logo, which fans hated as well.

There was also this small matter…

Apparently the Angelo State University Rams will now be playing in the new SoFi Stadium? Is that what this means? This is all very confusing.

Anyway, because there are NFL fans out there with obviously way more creativity and talent than many of the people hired by NFL teams, several of them decided to take their own crack at creating a new Los Angeles Rams logo.

Not suprisingly, they pretty much all turned out way better than what the Rams have put forth.

Okay, that I actually like.

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