Kid’s Letter To A Bankruptcy Judge About Toys ‘R’ Us Is A Reminder Of How Awesome Being A Kid Is

Retail giant Toys ‘R’ Us recently filed for bankruptcy. As of now, they don’t plan on closing any stores. In fact, the last time I saw a headline about them filing for bankruptcy it also mentioned that Toys ‘R’ Us was planning on hiring thousands of temporary employees for the holiday season. But, a bankruptcy filing is always a very, very bad situation, even if Toys ‘R’ Us is doing it to restructure their long-term debt of $5 billion.

On Monday, a handwritten letter from a 9-year-old kid named Andrew was filed by a judge in the Toys ‘R’ Us Chapter 11 docket. In the letter, 9-year-old Andrew makes an impassioned plea for the judge to keep Toys ‘R’ Us alive and lays out three reasons of why the toy store closing would be very bad for kids everywhere. This is a great reminder of just how awesome it was to be a kid.

You can see a copy of the adorable letter on Business Insider, but here’s what the letter had to say:

Dear Judge Phillips,

My name is Andrew. I’m 9 years old. Toys ‘R’ Us closing will be bad for kids.These are the reasons why:

1. Kids like that there is a store just for them.

2. Kids would rather be promised a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us than any other store.

3. Kids can run through the aisles of Toys ‘R’ Us and find stuff they like but in any other store there won’t be just toys. Kids might not have a device to see online stores or browse in a real store online.

Please don’t let Toys ‘R’ Us close it will make kids very unhappy.

From, Andrew

Can’t argue with that kid’s argument, can you? Toys ‘R’ Us is the only major retailer dedicated strictly to toys for kids. It’s a special place for every kid to visit, and it’s also a store I haven’t thought about or stepped foot inside of in decades, so I’m not totally shocked that they’re filing for Chapter 11 after finding themselves $5 billion in debt. You can see the full handwritten letter by clicking that link above in the Business Insider tweet.