Unbelievable Videos Of Kilauea Volcano Erupting And Lava Causing Mandatory Evacuations In Hawaii

by 11 months ago

kilaueau volcano eruption

At least 600 earthquakes have rattled Hawaii’s biggest island since Monday and on Thursday there was a 5.0 quake that jolted the area. The tremors were caused by the magma flow from the Kilauea volcano that pulsed underground. Then on Thursday, Kilauea erupted and sent white plumes of ash, steam, and dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide gas into the sky above the southeastern part of the Big Island.

The scary part was that the bright red lava didn’t just come from the mouth of the volcano, but spurted out of cracks in the ground near residential neighborhoods. Local residents heard the deafening sound of grinding rocks that was so loud it that people said it sounded like a jet engine and they could feel the sound.

The perilous situation prompted a mandatory evacuation in a zone that was as far as 25 miles away from Kilauea. Hawaii’s Governor, David Ige, has activated the National Guard to help evacuate thousands of people. Kilauea is the youngest and most active volcano on the island and has forced numerous evacuations of nearby communities throughout the years.

Drone footage captured the moment the red-hot magma broke through cracks in the ground and spewed lava into the air, incinerating trees and bubbling on to roads. Scientists are unsure why the magma flowed underground to this area since it never did before.

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