Klondike Gives Choco Taco Fans A Glimmer Of Hope After Discontinuing The Beloved Treat

Last month, the world was rocked by great disturbance, and if you were overcome by the unshakeable sense that millions of voices around the globe had suddenly cried out in terror, it probably had something to do with the devastating news that the Choco Taco had been discontinued.

The beloved dessert—which featured vanilla ice cream housed in the waffle cone that served as a shell and was covered in chocolate and a sprinkle of peanuts—had been a staple of Good Humor trucks and convenience stores since it was first introduced in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, we were treated to the latest piece of evidence that affirms nothing gold can stay when a rumor about its demise began to spread at the end of July before Klondike confirmed it was pulling the plug after close to four decades.

It obviously didn’t take long for fans of the frozen treat to start tracking down the remnants of the endangered species to either amass a Choco Taco stockpile or get one last taste before it officially goes extinct.

It also didn’t take long for people to flood Klondike with angry tweets and pleas to reconsider, and it appears there was one tiny glimmer of hope hidden in one of the replies to that deluge of messages that flew under the radar until this week.

As Fox Business notes, the brand replied to a user who inquired about the discontinuation by implying the Choco Taco could be back in our lives “in the coming years” (it would later add it has a team working on a plan to bring them back).

That’s obviously not the most thrilling news for anyone who’s currently out of luck, but hey, at least it’s something.

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