Kobe Bryant Talks About Throwing Punches And Fighting Shaq Back In The Day

by 1 year ago
Kobe discusses fighting Shaq


Kobe and Shaq were among the most unstoppable duo in NBA history. They led the Los Angeles Lakers to a three-peat of NBA Championships from 2000-2002 and pretty much despised one another along the way.

As a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Kobe talked about a recent sit-down interview/chat with Shaq. These are two of the busiest men alive so they’ve never really had a shot to sit down and hash it all out. But their schedules aligned recently so Shaq and Kobe finally got together to talk about life, everything, and their beef back in the day. That beef included a locker room fight that started with Shaq throwing a punch at Kobe and Kobe retaliating:

Shaq has some of the biggest hands of any man on the planet. He weighs over 320-pounds on a good day. You’d have to be some kind of crazy to think that throwing a punch back at Shaq is a good idea, but then again you can’t just sit back and do nothing if Shaq’s throwing punches in practice. Kobe’s the man that doesn’t flinch so it’s not at all shocking that he responded to Shaq’s punches in kind but you still gotta be some kind of crazy to throw down with Shaq.

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