Krispy Kreme Selling ‘D’ohnuts,’ Homer’s Favorite Donuts From ‘Simpsons,’ But You Can’t Get Them

homer simpson donut


Krispy Kreme has brought the iconic pink donut with sprinkles that Homer devours in The Simpsons to life. The donuts are perfectly named “D’ohnuts” to pay homage to Homer Simpson. Krispy Kreme’s D’ohnuts are a delicious Original Glazed donut that is dipped in melted strawberry-flavored white chocolate truffle and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

However, there is a catch, because there’s always a catch. The D’ohnuts are not being sold in the U.S. and are currently only available at Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven stores in Australia. D’oh!

The Simpsons D’ohnut is available Krispy Kreme stores down under in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia from now until April 30 and can be ordered online until April 27.

Meanwhile, everyone in the United States is like…

However, those in the U.S. can gorge on Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate egg donut as well as a lemon glazed donut.


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