Competitive Eater L.A. Beast Attempts SIX Eating World Records In One Sitting

binge eating junk food

iStockphoto / wildpixel

Competitive eater L.A. Beast (real name Kevin Strahle) currently holds multiple Guinness World Records for eating challenges. He’s successfully completed some of the most insane eating challenges on the planet. And he’s the man we have to thank for Pepsi bring Crystal Pepsi in 2015 after he spearheaded a social media campaign to get it back.

L.A. Beast has amassed over 300 million views on YouTube with his eating challenges but for his latest feat, he’s gone above and beyond. In the latest video on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel, L.A. Beast is attempting SIX world records in one sitting. For this challenge, he’ll be attempting the following:

— Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar
— Most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands)
— Most peanut butter cups eaten in one minute
— Most gummy bears eaten with a stick in one minute
— Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee
— Fastest time to drink two litres of soda through a straw

Think he can pull off all six? Let’s find out…By the way, the action starts around the 8:50 mark of this video so you can skip ahead to there if you don’t want to watch all of the hype beforehand. I do, however, suggest watching the entire clip because it’s pretty good but that’s your decision:

Pretty. Damn. Good.

Of the six Guinness World Records, he attempted he successfully achieved five of them. I’m an avid watcher of the Guinness World Records YouTube channel and I cannot recall another time when someone set five records in one sitting. So big ups to L.A. Beast for this awesome achievement.

(h/t Guinness World Records)