Pool Party At Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri Gets Packed With People On Memorial Day Weekend

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With much of the country reopening during the summer it was only a matter of time until people started gathering together outside despite social distancing warnings put out by health experts.

On Memorial Day weekend, videos and pictures of a pool party at a Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri bar went viral on Twitter.

Apparently, the videos were taken at a local bar called the Redhead Lakeside Grill and Yacht Club in Osage Beach.

Local news station KSDK reached out to the Camden County Sheriff and were told they couldn’t do anything about the gatherings because are no local orders in place that require social distancing.


On Your Side reached out to the Camden County Sheriff’s Department who said, the state does have social distancing guidelines, but “It doesn’t seem people are following it very well here.”

The Sheriff’s Department has not been called to any incidents so far, and said they do not have any penalty to enforce because there are no orders in place to require social distancing.

On Your side has also tried to talk to management at the business to find out why the pool area was so crowded that social distancing guidelines seem nearly impossible to follow, judging by the photos. We have not heard back.

Of course there were plenty of people angry about the pool party on social media.