Larry David’s ‘Mean Tweets’ Outtakes Are Amazing, He Cannot Stop Laughing At Savage Tweets About Kimmel

by 7 months ago
Larry David Mean Tweets Outtakes


For Jimmy Kimmel’s 50th birthday on Monday, a bunch of celebrities got together for a special edition of ‘Mean Tweets’. Those celebrities included David Letterman, Will Ferrell, and Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm. As Jimmy Kimmel so eloquently put it, Larry David ‘wasn’t able to curb his enthusiasm’ for the brutal insults hurled at Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter.

If you’re a fan of Larry David or watching people get roasted, then this is something you are truly going to enjoy:

The original cut of ‘celebrities read mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel’ which aired on Kimmel Monday night is definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen that yet. You can watch that here. It was just one part of many surprises in the episode where all sorts of celebrities came out of the woodwork to help Jimmy Kimmel celebrate his 50th birthday. It was also, debatably, the best edition of ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets‘ that I’ve seen yet.

After watching that footage I’m guessing that even if Larry David has Twitter he’s never looked at it before. I’m a virtual nobody on Twitter at @casspa and I’ve even dealt with some comically horrendous insults over the years. I cannot even begin to process how much vitriol has been hurled Larry David’s way, and the only way he hasn’t taken notice of it is if he’s not actually on Twitter at all.

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