This ‘Just Gonna Send it’ Larry Enticer House Remix Is Officially The Song Of The Winter

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Larry Enticer

YouTube / Larry Enticer

It’s been too long since I last went down a Larry Enticer rabbit hole on YouTube. Larry’s a legendary snowmobiling hoon from Canada who wears a Canadian Tuxedo (all denim) and can be credited with popularizing the phrase ‘send it’ over the past 18 or so months. The phrase has always been around, sure, but Canada’s Larry Enticer brought it to the mainstream.

Asher Postman chopped up a Larry Enticer clip and flipped it into the ‘Just Gonna Send It!’ House Music remix you’ll see below, and I’m comfortable with naming this track the official ‘Song of the Winter’ for 2017/2018. Sure, ‘Song of the Winter’ isn’t exactly the same accolade as ‘Song of the Summer’ but this Larry Enticer House Music remix is a banger and I just need to share it with you bros:

I somehow missed this clip of Larry Enticer on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O where he discusses his real name (Bennett) and how he came up with the name Larry Enticer. I’m not exactly shocked that I missed this clip on Tosh.O because I haven’t caught that show in years (other than reruns), but I tend to see most Larry Enticer clips on the Internet and I figured this would’ve come across my desk at some point. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Larry Enticer on Tosh.O yet, here he is:

You can spend all day lamenting the ways that 2017 was one of the shittiest years on record, but you should at least sleep well at night knowing that someone like Larry Enticer exists in the world.

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