The Plan To Reopen Las Vegas Casinos Involves Thermal Imaging Cameras To Check Everyone Who Enters For Fevers

The Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

iStockphoto / littleny

The service industry has been hit as hard if not harder than any part of society. Restaurants forced to shutter worldwide. Bars shutdown. Tour providers unable to operate. Nobody’s traveling. Casinos have been shut down for weeks as well as the hotels.

According to a report last month from the Las Vegas Review Journal, casinos are losing anywhere from $42,000 to $700,000 per day with the large casinos on The Strip all falling on the top end of that spectrum. It’s hard to forecast exactly how much money casinos are losing because they’ve been shut down during some large sporting events that never took place but this article does a good job at explaining the various losses.

Casino owners want to reopen their doors to gamblers and some have already unveiled protocols for the ‘new normal’ and what the casino floor will look like once they’re able to reopen. Sheldon Adelson is CEO and Chairman of Las Vegas Sands which owns the Venetian and Palazzo, and according to a report in Sports Illustrated, Adelson will be implementing thermal imaging cameras at this casinos that tests everyone walking in the door for a fever. If that fever is over 100.4 it automatically triggers a security protocol which will lead to more screening.

Here’s a rundown of what the new normal will look like:

The Venetian and Palazzo, two of the most visited casinos on the strip, unveiled protocols termed “The Venetian Clean Commitment.” The new procedures, in these unprecedented times, include more than 800 guidelines highlighted by the implementation of the use of thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal cameras will be installed at every resort entry/exit to check temperatures of both staff and guests. Those who have a temperature over 100.4 degrees will undergo a secondary screening. If they still indicate a high fever, they will “undergo further medical assessment and be directed to appropriate medical care.”

“Our company will continue to adhere to guidance provided by the state of Nevada, as we look to data to inform our decision on when best to open our doors to guests and Team Members,” according to the release. “It is not prudent to set an opening date without the appropriate data to support it.” (via SI)

What’s wild is how this was all a subplot in Ocean’s 13 and the new security protocols at Banks’ Casino that were supposedly unbeatable. The casino was able to check body temperatures and somehow see if bets were legit or if someone was cheating.

In addition to these futuristic cameras, all guest and staff will be required to distance from each other when standing in lines (hotel check-in, getting into a club, etc.) and spread out six feet. This will also apply to spacing out in elevators. They are also reorganizing the layout of their restaurants, pools, slot machine setups, and other spaces of the hotels and casinos.

For a full rundown of the changes coming to Las Vegas properties, you can click here to visit Sports Illustrated.