Las Vegas Hotel Claiming O.J. Simpson Became Drunk And Belligerent At The Bar Mock His Defamation Lawsuit

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O.J. Simpson walks into your watering hole. Bad day for your doorman to call out. At 72, the Juice looks like he could still dismember you limb-by-limb. He plops down at the bar, takes off his baby glove, and begins sucking down extra bloody Mary’s.

Do you:

A.) Phone the authorities.
B.) Minimize your chance at getting victimized by offering him a free shot.
C.) Treat him like any other customer.
D.) Hop in your white Bronco and high-tail it for the Canadian border.

The Cosmopolitan hotel bar in Las Vegas chose option C and it allegedly resulted in chaos.

According to TMZ, Simpson is reportedly suing the Cosmopolitan over a Nov. 8, 2017 episode in which he was kicked off the property following an alleged drunken incident at the hotel bar.

Hotel staff claims that O.J. was hammered and grew disruptive and confrontational with employees before breaking glasses at the bar.

Simpson denied the allegations and is claiming he’s entitled to $50,000 in a defamation lawsuit for the humiliation of the story and the smear of his good character.

Cosmo’s defense of Simpson’s reputation defense: you can’t break the broken.

Via TMZ:

But the Cosmo is calling BS … saying in new court docs Simpson’s reputation is already so bad, that the notion allegations of drunken shenanigans could make him look worse is LAUGHABLE!

I’m no lawyer, but I’m a conscious being with an interest in survival. My advice for the Cosmo would be to pay the man his fucking $50,000 and update your security system.

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