‘LaVar Ball’ Visited ‘Weekend Update’ And Explained The Real Reason The ZO2s Cost So Much

by 8 months ago


LaVar Ball might not be the unstoppable athletic talent he’d like you to believe he is, but it’s impossible to deny the man is a master marketer. He’s done an amazing job keeping himself and his family in the headlines over the past few months and has arguably become a bigger name than Lonzo (or any of his sons) thanks to a level of braggadocio that’s helped him land a spot on countless TV shows— including Monday Night Raw

On Thursday night’s episode of the aptly titled Weekend Update: Summer Edition (because Weekday Update is apparently too confusing), Kenan Thompson channeled his inner LaVar in a segment featuring a number of boasts that were only slightly more insane than some of the ones that have come out of the real LaVar’s mouth.

After claiming he once jumped over a Super Target and devoured 100 turkeys at Thanksgiving dinner, “LaVar” went on to explain the real reason the ZO2s are so expensive: they’re made from South African “rhinosauceros” horn.

It might sound absurd, but it makes more sense than any explanation the real LaVar has given for the $495 price tag.

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