‘LaVar Ball’ Visited ‘Weekend Update’ And Explained The Real Reason The ZO2s Cost So Much


LaVar Ball might not be the unstoppable athletic talent he’d like you to believe he is, but it’s impossible to deny the man is a master marketer. He’s done an amazing job keeping himself and his family in the headlines over the past few months and has arguably become a bigger name than Lonzo (or any of his sons) thanks to a level of braggadocio that’s helped him land a spot on countless TV shows— including Monday Night Raw

On Thursday night’s episode of the aptly titled Weekend Update: Summer Edition (because Weekday Update is apparently too confusing), Kenan Thompson channeled his inner LaVar in a segment featuring a number of boasts that were only slightly more insane than some of the ones that have come out of the real LaVar’s mouth.

After claiming he once jumped over a Super Target and devoured 100 turkeys at Thanksgiving dinner, “LaVar” went on to explain the real reason the ZO2s are so expensive: they’re made from South African “rhinosauceros” horn.

It might sound absurd, but it makes more sense than any explanation the real LaVar has given for the $495 price tag.

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