MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Has Monumental Meltdown During News Segment In Hilarious Leaked Video

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell went absolutely haywire at his staff for an earpiece malfunction in a rant that was leaked by Mediaite. O’Donnell intermittently takes a break from reporting something innocuous to yell and swear at his crew in the control room after hearing hammering and a woman talking about a “Labor Day sale.” Since we can’t hear what he’s having a tantrum about, his tirade makes him look like he belongs in a straight jacket.

My favorite line: “Someone in that control room is out of control.” O’Donnell was sitting on that one since he’s been behind a desk.

At one point, some poor soul approaches the ticking time bomb and attempts to reassemble a wire. Here’s how I hoped that interaction would transpire:

O’Donnell apologized on Twitter Wednesday for the tirade, which allegedly took place during the August 29 episode.

Jesus Lawrence, it’s cool dude. Step off the ledge. Your rant was child’s play compared to O’Reilly’s meltdown.

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[h/t USA Today]