Leak Image Teases ‘Battlefield V’ Will Be Released In 2018 And Will Be Set In World War II

battlefield 1


Electronic Arts and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 5 will be released in 2018. There has been a leak that revealed that the name of the next chapter of the FPS video game will be titled Battlefield V. Internally, the upcoming game was titled Battlefield 2. Rumors are swirling that the upcoming game will jump back into World War II.

The highly successful Battlefield 1 was set in World War I and fans embraced going back to the past and a refreshingly different direction than the future and space-based Call of Duty games that have recently been released. This isn’t the first time that the franchise has delved into World War II, 2009’s Battlefield 1943 was also based in WWII. Activision also went back to World War II with Call of Duty: WWII last year and had tremendous sales. An image of Battlefield V leaked onto Reddit this week.

EA has confirmed that Battlefield V will be front-and-center at E3 2018, which takes place from June 9-11 in Los Angeles. Interestingly enough, Battlefield V is not the fifth title in the franchise. It will be the sixth game in the popular shooter franchise and Battlefield 1 was actually the fifth. Battlefield V will be named because it is the fifth mainline Battlefield title and for the V for Victory sign as seen here by Winston Churchill.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill outside 10 Downing Street, gesturing his famous 'V for Victory' hand signal, June 1943.

Getty Image / H. F. Davis / Stringer


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