Lock Picker Shows How Comically Easy Is To Pick A Police Car Shotgun Lock

Lock picking is interesting in a way I can never quite put my finger on. It’s not as if I’m ever going to watch a clip of someone picking a lock and take this skill into the real world and do it myself. I’m not a jerk.

But watching someone make mincemeat of a lock that claims to be unbreakable is always fascinating and in this clip below it’s even more interesting because of the real-world implications. This is the latest clip from the ‘Lock Picking Lawyer’ on YouTube, a guy who has amassed over 1.57 MILLION subscribers on YouTube by exposing flaws in common locks.

For this clip, he’s showing how comically easy it is for anyone to crack the lock on the standard ‘Pro-Gard Police Car Shotgun Lock’ which is meant to keep an officer’s shotgun locked up and safe in their patrol vehicle.

If you’re looking for more Lock Picking clips to keep you occupied during this weird time in life, check out this clip of the Lock Picking Lawyer using 24 different tools to crack the same lock. Also, I recently installed some child safety locks in a kitchen that are opened using a tiny magnet and wouldn’t you know it, I guess I now possess the skills to crack a cop’s shotgun lock.

I live in a relatively new neighborhood and for some reason unbeknownst to me it’s full of law enforcement officials. Out of the 80 or 90 homes, I can think of at least 8 that have cops living there who all park their cruisers or SUVs in the street/driveway each night. It’s nice for me because it’s like free home security. Nobody’s going to cruise through our neighborhood, see all the cop cars, and think this is a smart place to burglarize homes.

Now I see this video and I’m envisioning a world where dipshits try and drive around to steal guns from cops because this is Florida and if people are dumb enough to do that anywhere it would definitely be here.

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