Logan Paul Talks About Mental Breakdown After Flying To Europe To Meet His GF Nina Agdal’s Dad

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal

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After leaving the Disney life and finding a massive audience on Vine, Logan Paul has turned into a global superstar in the second act of his career as an entertainer.

Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a pivotal moment in Logan Paul’s career, and it was one that helped springboard his path to the WWE where he’s been thriving as a wrestler (when he’s not injured).

At some point in his hectic jet-setting schedule, Logan Paul found time to meet supermodel Nina Agdal and start dating in the Summer of June 2022. Nina Agdal has previously graced the cover of the 50th anniversary Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit edition.

Nina has also appeared in Super Bowl commercials and modeled for Victoria’s Secret. All of her modeling success came after she turned 18 and moved to the United States. She was born and raised in Denmark and stayed there until after HS graduation. This is Nina Agdal, for those unfamiliar:

Recently, Logan Paul flew to Denmark with Nina Agdal to meet her father and family for the first time. He tells Kevin Hart he suffered a mental breakdown on that trip and reached a breaking point.

During a recent episode of Kevin Hart’s vlog, Hart asked Logan “what’s the downtime to you? How’s your mental (health) staying intact? Where is Logan Paul at mentally?”

Logan started by saying he’s ‘incredibly happy’ and said he thanks God every day for what he’s done in his life. But then revealed the breakdown.

Kevin asked him “did you ever reach a breaking point?” And Logan Paul responded with “it’s funny you ask that right now. Two weeks ago I had a little bit of a breakdown.”

Logan went on to say “I think my mental fortitude is one of my most valuable assets… and I broke. I couldn’t meet my girlfriend’s father.”

Adding “we traveled to Denmark just to meet her family. And I just had a breakdown one night and wasn’t in the headspace to meet her dad for the first time.”

Speaking about mental breakdowns, Logan Paul said “it happens.” And agreed with Kevin Hart that every once on a while ‘that armor cracks.’

Logan Paul Reveals Mental Breakdown After Flying To Denmark To Meet Nina Agdal’s Dad

It’s refreshing to see someone like Logan Paul speak candidly about mental health. He has a massive social footprint and the ability to amplify the importance of discussing mental health.

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