Louisiana Man Channels Inner ‘Crocodile Hunter’ By Wrangling Alligator He Found Under His Car

Louisiana Man Wrangles Alligator He Found Under His Car

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  • A man from Slidell, Louisiana is going viral thanks to a video showing him wrangle an 8-foot alligator he found underneath this car
  • The man is able to use a rope to drag the alligator out from under the car before going full ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and sitting on the gator and taping its mouth shut
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It takes a special type of individual to wrangle an alligator with nothing but a rope and some tape. Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter used to wow us on TV every day after school but catching crocs and gators with his bare hands and that’s pretty much exactly what this Louisiana man did in the video below.

The viral video shows the man from Slidell, Louisana spotting the alligator underneath his car and using a rope to pull it out. It appears as if he’s lassoed the rope around the alligator’s front teeth. It’s almost as if he’s using the alligator’s bite force in his favor.

After he drags it out and is able to jump on the alligator’s back and wrap its mouth in tape like he’s Steve Irwin transporting a gator from the wild to the zoo. Louisiana is a special place.

Louisiana Man Wrangles Alligator He Found Under His Car

They estimate the alligator was about 8 feet in length and miraculously, nobody was hurt. Not the guy and not the people who assisted him in subduing the massive wild animal.

The Facebook comments are all over the place. One person asked how they’d remove the tape when releasing the alligator and another responded “it’s not hard just get a knife cut to tape and then jump off the alligator.” Yup, sounds super simple. Just cut the tape and hop off the dinosaur without getting bitten.

It’s been chilly in The South over the past few days and I’m not shocked to see alligators getting away from the water. Going back a week or two, there was this 13-foot alligator who was spotted walking through the forest like a dinosaur and that has to be seen to be believed.

I like to think I’d have the wherewithal to capture a gator if I found it under my car but I’m not so sure I would. All things considered, I’d say I’m clumsier than the average person. I’d likely get the alligator out from under the car and then flop over its head and get bitten while trying to wrap it up.