Disney World Just Got Infinitely Better Because You Can Now Drink Alcohol At ALL Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Disney World

iStockphoto / wellesenterprises

I haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom in years, not since grad night in high school. Floridians generally go through a life cycle where they go to Disney a shit ton as kids and then miss a few years during middle school. Then they go again in H.S. for graduation events, maybe once in college when friends come to visit for Spring Break, and then they don’t go again until they start having kids.

This happens because there’s really not much at Disney for young adults…until now. When you’re in your early-mid-late 20s and don’t have kids the last thing you want to do is take a vacation where you’re unable to drink. That’s changing according to WFLA:

All table service restaurants at Disney’s Magic Kingdom are now selling alcohol.
Disney officials said the move to sell alcohol at table service restaurants has been rolled out over the last several years.
Disney recently announced that Crystal Palace and the Plaza Restaurant have joined the list of Magic Kingdom restaurants selling alcohol, bringing the total to eight. (via)

So, the next time your family suggests a trip to Disney World and you’re thinking ‘fuuuuuuuuuuuck that’ because you can’t drink just remember that things have changed. Epcot has a wine festival. And now you can drink at every table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.