Ridiculously Lucky Man Wins Lottery Jackpot, A Few Months Later He Wins Twice As Much

Man Wins Lottery Jackpot, Then Wins Twice As Much One Year Later


  • An Ontario man won a lottery jackpot in October of 2020, then less than a year later, the same man won another large lottery prize.
  • The 77-year-old man, a regular lottery player, offered up some advice for others who play.
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Robert MacDonald, 77, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has officially joined the illustrious list of annoying people who have won a big lottery jackpot more than once.

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, MacDonald matched six of seven ENCORE numbers in order in a recent Lottario draw to win a cool $100,000 ($78,000 American).

As if that wasn’t lucky enough, the odds of winning the $100,000 prize are 1 in 1,111,111, MacDonald had already won a $50,000 ($39,000 American) lottery jackpot less than a year before by playing the Ontario 49 lottery game in October of 2020. The odds of winning that prize were even worse at 1 in 2,330,636.

So not only did he beat 1 in a million odds, he did after beating 1 in 2 million odds. What are the odds of that?!!

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The 77-year-old reportedly found out he won only after scanning his ticket, purchased at a local Circle K.

MacDonald, who says he plans to invest some of his jackpot prize and spend the rest on his family, offered some sage advice to other lottery players.

He says said he always like to scan his tickets to see if they are winners and when he realized that he had won for the second time in less than a year he said, “I am feeling very lucky. If you stay positive, your time will come as well!”

If only it were that easy.

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In July of 2020, another person in Ontario, a woman named Susan Sos, won two big lottery jackpots in the span of just three weeks with prize winning odds of 1 in 2,070,600 and 1 in 528,360.

Some people literally have all the luck.

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