This Canned Rosé Wine From MANCAN Is The Only Thing I’m Drinking On The Beach This Summer (Pinkies Up!)


Wine is delicious. All it takes is one man at the party with enough self-assurance to put down the stomach-churning craft beers, throw his pinky up, and sip a glass of white before every guy at the party is sitting in a circle watching  the latest Sex and the City episode and talking shit about Karen.

The problem with wine isn’t the wine itself, but rather the vessel it is consumed in. Drinking it out of a normal cup makes you look like a child, drinking it out of a wine glass makes you look like a self-important asshat, and drinking it out of a bag is cause for concern.

The innovators at MANCAN have solved this problem, my wine-drinking brethren. MANCAN, the first exclusive wine-in-a-can company, has received two of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s coveted “Best Buy” accolades for its portfolio of Red, White, and Fizz (semi-sparkling) canned wines.

Most recently, the company has unveiled its much anticipated Rosé blend to add to its rich portfolio. MANCAN Rosé is made from 100% California grapes with a blend of un-oaked Chardonnay and Zinfandel with light notes of watermelon. The wine cans are specially lined to lock in the flavor profiles and prevent any metallic taste, which is important.

MANCAN is available across the U.S. at key retailers including Whole Foods Market and Total Wine and more for a suggested low price of $4.99. The Rosé blend is also available for purchase online at

This is the perfect beach/BBQ drink. Your friends are guaranteed to call you a baby back bitch for bringing it, but once it hits their lips, they’ll become believers.

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