One Of The Worst Shows On TV Had A Chance To Cast Margot Robbie And Blew It

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Before she became arguably the preeminent A-list actress working in Hollywood today, Margot Robbie was auditioning for roles just like all of the other working actresses in the world, including for projects such as American Horror Story.

During a recent interview, casting director Eric Dawson revealed that Robbie auditioned role in the second season of American Horror Story, 2012’s American Horror Story: Asylum.

Just a few months after the premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum, Robbie would go on to make her breakout appearance in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. From there, she’d go on to become a two-time (and counting) Academy Award-nominated actress and producer, who would eventually be responsible for Barbie, the highest-grossing movie ever to be directed by a female filmmaker.

“Margot has a lot of ‘it’ factors. That’s the tough thing for casting directors who aren’t in the room [anymore] with actors. Margot is probably one of my favorite auditions of all time, and it was right before she broke out. She was such a star. It was crazy, her star appeal when she walked in the room,” Dawson told Backstage.

“Even though she didn’t get that role, that was one of those things as a casting director where you go: This is a star, what do we do with her?” Dawson continued. “Immediately, though, she was out of our realm of possibility of hiring. But that’s really the fun part of casting, is seeing the people whose careers are just rising.”

While Dawson doesn’t mention what role Robbie was auditioning for, a solid guess — given their relative similarities in age and appearance — is that it was for the part of Sister Mary Eunice McKee, which was eventually played by Lily Rabe.

Lily Rabe

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The latest season of American Horror Story — which has been on the year every year since 2011, except 2020 — is subtitled “Delicate” and co-stars Kim Kardashian.

The first episode of American Horror Story: Delicate will premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 20. You can check out the official trailer below.

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