This Christmas Wreath Made With An Ounce Of Weed Will Make Your Spirits Bright

by 3 years ago
christmas wreath


If some guy who put out a song in the 1960s is to be believed, the holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year.” However, he’s also the same person who proclaims telling “scary ghosts stories” is a Christmas tradition, so I’m not exactly sure how much stock to put into his claim.

While I don’t necessarily disagree with his initial premise, I also think it’s safe to say the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the most stressful stretch of the calendar year. As much as I love having an excuse to sit down with some hot chocolate and a bottle of Rumple Minze and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol (the indisputably G.O.A.T. Christmas movie), it only does so much to distract me from the pressure that comes with figuring out which gifts will make people think I’m thoughtful and mentally preparing to deal with extended family.

Some experts say you can mitigate the mental strain the month of December causes by surrounding yourself with as many Christmas decorations as you can get your hands on, but if you’re really looking to take the edge off, there’s only one thing you need to pick up this holiday season.

The marijuana connoisseurs at Henry’s Original teamed up with a Californian florist to create a Christmas wreath that’s guaranteed to bring you more joy than any other decoration on the market. To the naked eye, it looks just like any other adornment, but there’s one major factor that sets it apart: the ounce of weed that’s hiding inside. Your tree doesn’t have to be the only thing to get lit up this Christmas.

Here’s the full description from the company’s website:

Our limited-edition, custom wreaths are handcrafted with various types of eucalyptus, evergreen, dried wheat and grasses, moss, berries, and pine cones. Materials have been carefully selected to dry beautifully so that each wreath may be enjoyed during future holiday seasons.

Each 24-inch wreath is custom made and may have slight variations. Wreaths contain 1 ounce of sun-grown, artisanal cannabis grown in famed Mendocino County. Cannabis can be removed for responsible consumption.

The wreath retails for $400 and is only available for sale in Los Angeles to people who possess a medical card (AKA everyone in the city of LA).