Comedian Mark Normand Performs ‘Corona Comedy’ On The Streets Of NYC

Stand-up comedian Mark Normand performs "Corona Comedy" in the streets of New York City during the coronavirus pandemic.

Getty Image / FilmMagic / Contributor

There is absolutely nothing funny about the coronavirus itself, especially since it has robbed the lives of tens of thousands of people. But stand-up comedian Mark Normand is attempting to find humor in one of the grimmest topics — the coronavirus.

With desperation and sorrow all around us, maybe people are seeking some sort of distraction from the doom and gloom of the coronavirus pandemic. Comedy can give people a brief respite away from the hair-raising headlines. Unfortunately, we are on lockdown and comedy clubs are closed for the immediate future. So Mark Normand is bringing the comedy to the people.

Two weeks ago, the comedy clubs in New York City closed down to help stop the spread of COVID-19. A day later, Mark hit the streets to deliver stand-up comedy to anyone who would listen, including old ladies, people driving by in cars, teenagers who appeared high, and an individual wearing a leather bedazzled BDSM fetish mask that definitely doesn’t prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“The day after the clubs closed I still needed that live response,” Normand wrote. “I’m an addict! So a week ago I hit the streets of NYC with some Covid yuks. I’m lonely!! Stay safe and spread the love gang! MaZel.”

In a YouTube video titled “Corona Comedy,” the stand-up comedian tries out his new material about the coronavirus. Some of the coronavirus jokes land, others don’t quite get the laughs Mark was hoping for. But that’s why comics need a live audience to experiment with brand new material, especially wisecracks about a lethal disease that has ravaged entire countries and brought nothing but death and despair. Killer pandemics aren’t an easy topic to bring the chuckles.

Mark Normal attempts to find the funny in COVID-19 with jokes about O.J. Simpson, Kevin Hart, eating ass, and queefs. The elderly women loved the queef comedy.

Mark Normand knows that comedy is the best medicine… unless you actually have the coronavirus, then chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and ventilators are probably better medicine.

Mark has continued his coronavirus jokes on Twitter with a number of quality one-liners.

Mark Normand isn’t the only one trying to entertain people with jokes during the coronavirus pandemic. Norm MacDonald performed an entire stand-up comedy routine on the deadly coronavirus that he calls “Tom Hanks Disease.” You can watch Norm’s coronavirus comedy set HERE.

Even just a few minutes of levity can help everyone stay somewhat sane when it seems like our entire world is collapsing around us.