Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolled Her Dad By Covering His Christmas Presents In Wrapping Paper Plastered With Marvel Superheroes

Martin Scorsese daughter marvel wrapping paper

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Prior to the turn of the new millennium, it was pretty hard to get a superhero movie made unless you were able to convince a big-name actor to squeeze his way into the Batsuit, as most other comic book characters weren’t very interesting to most moviegoers at a time when the word “nerd” was still synonymous with “loser.”

However, the tides slowly began to turn once the 2000s rolled around as the Spiderman franchise and the X-Men movies helped usher in a new era that brought spandex-clad freaks of nature into the mainstream—an era that was arguably championed by Christopher Nolan, who changed the game thanks to his gritty reimagining of the Caped Crusader.

When the 2000s came to a close, The Dark Knight saw itself sitting in fourth place on the list of the highest-grossing films of the decade (in addition to being one of the most critically acclaimed) and it was a forgone conclusion that Hollywood would continue to chase the superhero dragon as it looked forward to the 2010s.

As we all know by now, movie studios did exactly that but there was one in particular that capitalized on the popularity of the genre more than any other: Marvel, which managed to pump out a staggering 21 films over the course of a decade that was dominated by The Avengers movies—especially Endgame, which became the highest-grossing film of all time.

However, not everyone is thrilled with the rise of superhero movies—including Martin Scorsese, who rustled some jimmies a couple of months ago when he said Marvel’s productions are “not cinema,” a claim that was quickly rebuffed by Robert Downey Jr. and dismissed by the directors of Endgame.

By now, most people have moved on from the so-called controversy surrounding Scorsese’s comments, but on Christmas, they were brought back into the forefront courtesy of his daughter Francesca, who decided to do a little bit of trolling by picking up some wrapping paper covered in Marvel characters to conceal her dad’s presents in.

Well played, Francesca. Well played.