Martin Shkreli Arrives At Federal Prison In NJ After Plea For Minimum-Security Camp Was Denied

by 1 year ago
martin shkreli

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Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli arrived at a federal prison in N.J. on Tuesday. Shkreli had pleaded to serve his prison sentence at a prison camp, but he was denied. Instead, the disgraced pharma executive was sent to the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Fort Dix in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Shrekli was previously enjoying the accommodations at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, which is known for housing terrorism and mob defendants. Now Shkreli will be sent to the 4,266-inmate low-security prison located at the N.J. military base 40 miles from Philadelphia.

Shkreli’s request to be sent to the minimum-security camp located on the prison complex was denied. That’s a huge blow to Shkreli because the camp sounds like “Club Fed.” The camp features an indoor gym, weight room, music room and a craft room that includes pencil drawing, pastels, oil painting, and leather craft. The outdoor recreation at the camp includes soccer, softball, football, handball, racquetball, horseshoes, volleyball, and bocce.

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