‘He Disrespected The Wu-Tang Clan’ — Quotes From Rejected Jurors On The Martin Shkreli Trial Are A+

Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

The Martin Shkreli trial is over. He was found guilty and awaits sentencing after being convicted of conspiracy and securities fraud in a 3-day trial. Martin Shkreli became one of the most hated men in America after jacking up the price of a lifesaving cancer drug by an inhuman amount of money.

Over at Harper’s Magazine, a transcript of the 3-day jury has been published which included excerpts from the prospective jurors who were rejected before the trial began. Due to the nature of Martin Shkreli’s public profile and extremely punchable face, there were a lot of jurors out there with fantastic reasons for not being able to sit on the trial and act impartially (via Jezebel).

We all hate him, Juror #1:

Juror No. 1: I’m aware of the defendant and I hate him.
Benjamin Brafman: I’m sorry.
Juror No. 1: I think he’s a greedy little man.
The Court: Jurors are obligated to decide the case based only on the evidence. Do you agree?
Juror No. 1: I don’t know if I could. I wouldn’t want me on this jury.
The Court: Juror Number 1 is excused. Juror Number 18.

He’s got that kind of face:

Juror No. 52: When I walked in here today I looked at him, and in my head, that’s a snake — not knowing who he was. I just walked in and looked right at him and that’s a snake.


Juror No. 70: I have total disdain for the man. When you go back to how he was able to put so many children —
The Court: You have negative feelings?
Juror No. 70: Very.

Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with:

Juror No. 59: Your Honor, totally he is guilty and in no way can I let him slide out of anything because —
The Court: Okay. Is that your attitude toward anyone charged with a crime who has not been proven guilty?
Juror No. 59: It’s my attitude toward his entire demeanor, what he has done to people.
The Court: All right. We are going to excuse you, sir.
Juror No. 59: And he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.

He really does look like a dickhead, doesn’t he?

Juror No. 144: I don’t think I can because he kind of looks like a dick.

Juror No. 28: I don’t like this person at all. I just can’t understand why he would be so stupid as to take an antibiotic which H.I.V. people need and jack it up five thousand percent. I would honestly, like, seriously like to go over there —
The Court: Sir, thank you.
Juror No. 28: Is he stupid or greedy? I can’t understand.

The amazing responses from rejected Shkreli jurors go on and on, and you can check them all out here on Jezebel. What blew my mind the most while reading through Shkreli’s trial remarks is how fucking clueless he is. The dude has no sense of awareness in the world. He was trying to save his own ass and repay investors by gouging sick cancer patients for money they didn’t even have. Such a dick.