The First Reactions to ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ Are Here – See What Critics Are Saying

The First Reactions to 'The Matrix: Resurrections' Are Here

Warner Bros.

  • The first reactions to The Matrix: Resurrections from critics and journalists have hit the internet.
  • One thing seems to be for certain: it’s absolutely better than the third film in the franchise, The Matrix: Revolutions
  • The Matrix: Resurrections will hit theaters and HBO Max on Wednesday, December 22.

Warner Bros. screened The Matrix: Resurrections for movie critics and journalists earlier this week, and the first reactions seem to indicate that — while your mileage on its aggressive meta-ness may vary — the film is certainly a massive step up from the previous film in the series, The Matrix: Revolutions. Unfortunately, given the truly excellent quality of the original, The Matrix: Resurrections doesn’t seem to quite live up to those heights, although honestly, that was to be expected.

What many critics seem to be highlighting is the fact that The Matrix: Resurrections is not only extremely self-aware about its own history but about the nature of Hollywood reboots and sequels in general.

I’ll be seeing The Matrix: Resurrections on Monday, so make sure to check back here for our full review of the film next week. Regardless of how good I find the film to ultimately be, one thing will be for certain: more Keanu Reeves is *always* a good thing.

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Starring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix: Resurrections also features Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Priyanka Chopra, Christina Ricci, Jada Pinkett Smith, Neil Patrick Harris, Lambert Wilson, and Daniel Bernhardt. The film is set to hit theaters and HBO Max in the United States on Wednesday, December 22.

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