Matthew McConaughey Explaining Why Pickles Are So Great Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Matthew McConaughey Pickles Cucumbers

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  • Matthew McConaughy has an uncanny ability to make literally anything interesting.
  • He most recently spoke about the pickle and it will have you on the edge of your seat.
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When it comes to pickles, they often do not get the respect that they deserve. Matthew McConaughey agrees.

Some people see pickles as an added element to a hamburger, others might find them to be a side served with a sandwich. Not McConaughey.

On Sunday, which just so happened to be National Pickle Day, the 52-year-old actor, producer, personality, MLS franchise owner, minister of culture, and potential gubernatorial candidate decided to give the brined cucumbers the love they deserve. He took to instagram to share why pickles are so great and it is some of his best content ever.

In the video, McConaughey calls himself a “pickle expert” and tells his origin story of the pickle. He begins with the cucumber:

“Look at this cucumber — big, plum, firm, bold, lots of promise, ooo this is going to be good,” he begins. “And then, you take a bite. It’s all hat, no cattle … all it does it take up room in our proverbial salads.”

And then he talks about the cucumber getting older.

“Does it mature with age like a fine wine, does it get better and become — a pickle?” McConaughey asks rhetorically, holding up a pickle. “Not as firm as it once was, got a few more bumps on it, it even shrunk. But let’s see what it tastes like.”

McConaughey then takes a bite and it “tickles… his fancy.” Take a look:

Nobody in the world can do what McConaughey does. This man managed to make a very vague, nonspecific story of the pickle seductive. Remarkable.