This Guy Ordered Extra Cream Cheese On A McDonald’s Bagel And Got Served A Borderline Crime Against Humanity

McDonald's Ronald Clown

iStockphoto / huettenhoelscher

I was today years old when I learned that McDonald’s in Canada has an overabundance of bagel options on their breakfast menu. After some searching around, I found the full Canada McDonald’s Breakfast Menu and did a CTRL + F for ‘bagel’ and there were FORTY FIVE bagel variations on the damn menu. I’ve never seen a bagel for sale at McDonald’s in my life and they have 45 options!!

Once I’d figured out that this was supposed to be a bagel with cream cheese it didn’t make it any less vomit-inducing. Twitter user @BryanPassifiume, a reporter for the Toronto Sun, ordered ‘extra cream cheese’ on his bagel assuming he’d get a little more schmear. This is a normal assumption. A little more cream cheese was expected and would’ve been acceptable.

What they ended up serving him was a pile of cream cheese so large he went around and took pictures of the mountainous monstrosity next to everyday items so we could really get a feel of just how much damn cream cheese they threw piled onto his ‘bagel’.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cream cheese. I often considered my Uptown H&H Bagels as merely a vessel for Cream Cheese or Butter. But this is overstepping the line. This is just….wrong

Just to really drive the point home that this was an offensive amount of cream cheese he went around and photographed the mountain of CC next to things like a hockey puck, mini football, and more:

I showed a few of these pictures to a colleague and he begged me to stop for fear of vomiting which is apparently a pretty common visceral response to this McDonald’s bagel with cream cheese, at least based on a few of these tweets:

Real talk: if you ordered a bagel with a little extra cream cheese from McDonald’s and they served you this would you go back and complain or would you take the route of this reporter and tweet it out for the viral clout? I have to think most people would fall into the latter category these days.