McDonald’s Creates Cute Kissing Couple Cups, The Internet Transforms Them Into Something Much More Risqué

McDonald’s in Japan released new cups to help promote their new McFizz soda drinks. The cute cups feature an adorable couple who are smitten with each other. But people have noticed that the cups also show the young man and woman getting very intimate.

An unforeseen and inadvertent oversight took a cute and innocent marketing promotion and turned it into a very risqué scene. The new cups have a young woman on one side of the cup and a young man on the other. If you manipulate how you hold the cup, it appears the couple are kissing. Awww.

The “awww” moment lasted about 14 seconds as people quickly discovered that you can also turn the cup in a way to show the couple in a titillating position. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.

The internet quickly ruined the innocent gesture and people on Twitter shared all of the sexual positions that the couple on the cup could be put in. Twitter users started calling the new cups “adult beverages” for all of the sexual inuendoes on them.

My man winking here did not help.

The cup appears to show a hand job being performed.

The sweet kissing quickly evolved into full-scale oral sex. The man and woman having their eyes closed did not help.

This right here is why we can’t have nice things because the internet ruins everything. Or improves everything, your call.