McDonald’s Is Making A Major Change To Its Quarter Pounder And Wendy’s Can No Longer Bully Them About It

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McDonald’s frozen patties have been a constant source of bullying from its fast food peers. Wendy’s spent tens of millions of dollars a month back to run a damn Super Bowl ad ripping Mickey D’s–“The iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen, too,” savage. Not to mention the social media burns, including but certainly not limited to, this one:

McDonald’s has been using frozen patties to keep up with demand for nearly 45 years.

But on Tuesday, McDonald’s announced it would begin serving quarter-pound burgers made with fresh, not frozen, beef across the US by early May–resulting in a “hotter, juicier burger.” Restaurants in Alaska and Hawaii will still be serving frozen patties due to the shipping logistics.

According to Business Insider, the changes will impact McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder, and Signature Crafted burgers, including the new Garlic White Cheddar burger set to launch next month.

McDonald’s first made the announcement in March of last year, and Wendy’s was the first to tear it down.

Despite Wendy’s saltiness, McDonald’s claims that 90% of customers in tests in Dallas and Tulsa said that they planned to buy the burger again after trying it.

Your move, Wendy’s.

Oh, you’re offering $1 Double Stacks? Point taken.

[h/t Business Insider]


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