McLaren 650S Abandoned In The Middle Of The Road, Driver Afraid He’d Total $265K Car In Snowstorm

by 1 year ago

Despite it being March, the Northeast has been battling several snowstorms over the past week. One place that received some snow last week was Hazelton, Pennsylvania. One person who should have looked at the weather forecast before driving in the slick and icy conditions was the driver of this beautiful McLaren 650S. For some reason, the driver trotted out their $265,000 supercar during a snowstorm. When the conditions on the roads worsened, the driver decided it was not worth the risk to crash their extremely fast and extremely expensive automobile. Hazelton News shared photos of the sportscar that was crippled by the snowstorm.

Reportedly, the owner of the McLaren refused to move his car “until the roads were cared for.” The McLaren 650S was eventually pulled out of the intersection and parked on the side of the road. Then a flatbed tow truck towed this exquisite automobile back home.

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