Meet Lady the Lab–Her story is the saddest and happiest doggy story you may ever read

It feels wonderful when I can report on some news out of Florida that isn’t embarrassingly outrageous, like today’s story of love and perseverance from an ‘ol doggy with a happy ending.

Chautauqua County Animal Shelter

This ‘ol lass once named Ma Kettle now goes by the name Lady the Lab, and after several years of struggle, neglect, and uncertainty, Lady’s on her way to a loving home down in the Sunshine State.

Lady was first turned in to the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter back in 2012 when her then owner died, and this led to a series of unfortunate events that’ll make any animal lover’s heart beat with empathy. First adopted back in 2012, Lady was almost immediately returned to the shelter by the family who took her in, as they reported that she was ‘too rough’ with their brand new puppy.

Rescuing a dog isn’t as simple as picking it up and feeding it folks, you’re going to have to do a little work. Apparently this family didn’t think they were up to the task.

NBC Miami reports:

Kelsey Loyd has twice cared for Lady at the shelter. She told a Kansas City TV station that the first family who adopted her returned her because she was rough with their puppy. Then she escaped from the backyard of the Independence woman who had subsequently adopted her, trudging the 30 miles back to the family’s home.

Neither the family nor the woman wanted her back, so she was returned to the shelter.

Loyd described Lady as a “super dog, gentle, calm dog” and struggled to understand why no one wanted the friendly lab.

I said this story had a wonderfully happy ending though, didn’t I?

Lady’s life changed when her story was spotted on Facebook by Helen Rich, an heiress to the Wrigley gum company who lives in Florida and has an animal sanctuary there.

Rich sent her assistant, Chet Ragsdale, to southeast Kansas in a private jet to retrieve the retriever. He made the trip to Independence Municipal Airport on Thursday, arriving back in Tampa with Lady late that night.

So to recap: owner dies, jerk families in Kansas City can’t take care of Lady and don’t understand the notion of responsibility. Insanely wealthy Floridian woman steps in and saves the day, Lady will live out her days on an animal sanctuary chasing butterflies and chewing grass. +1 karma.



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