A Cockroach Was The Unexpected Star Of The Met Gala

Met Gala cockroach

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Every year, hundreds of celebrities and notable names descend upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the Met Gala, the famously star-studded (and infamously exclusive) event organized by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The Met Gala is basically the equivalent of a Hollywood awards show without the whole “award show” part, as it’s essentially an excuse for attendees to dress up in the wildly over-the-top outfits they show off while strutting their stuff inside the tent erected on the steps of the hallowed Upper East Side institution.

This year was certainly no exception.

The 2023 Met Gala was dedicated to the memory of iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld, and both Jared Leto and Doja Cat paid tribute to his cat Choupette with some of the avant-garde outfits we’ve come to expect by now. 

The nature of the annual spectacle means it’s pretty hard for the typical person to even get near the Met Gala during the big night. However, there was only so much security could do to prevent one outsider from crashing the carpet in the form of the cockroach that unexpectedly became the star of the night.

When you consider the Met Gala is held in the heart of New York City, it’s only appropriate that one of its most unavoidable pests decided to make an appearance, and the insect managed to cause quite the stir after it was spotted making its way up the stairs toward the entrance of the museum.

The cockroach got a taste of what it’s like to actually be invited to the event thanks to the photographer who snapped multiple pictures of the bug and members of the media who shouted “What are you wearing?” while it was traversing the stairs.

The good times eventually came to an end after someone stepped on the roach and killed it, but I’m going to smile because it happened instead of cry because it’s over.

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