Someone Showed Up To The Met Gala In An Outfit So Absurd That People Simply Assumed It Was Jared Leto (It Wasn’t)

This Person At Met Gala WAs Hilariously Mistaken For Jared Leto

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  • The 2022 Met Gala was held in New York City on Monday night.
  • The unbearably boujee event sees celebrities dress up in fancy Halloween costumes (and sometimes actual suits and dresses).
  • One dude showed up in an outfit so absurd that people simply assumed it was the always-ridiculous Jared Leto.

Even when Jared Leto isn’t doing something ridiculous, he’s getting blamed for doing something ridiculous. And if that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the reputation the (unfortunately) Academy Award-winning actor has accrued over the last decade or so, I’m not sure what does.

As I’ve written about quite a few times on this here website, the way Jared Leto acts — go ahead and Google “Jared Leto” cult real quick — is nowhere near acceptable relative to his level of acting talent. If Denzel Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio don’t act like that, why should Leto? And don’t even get me started on his portrayal of Joker.

Lately, though — as a result of his performances in House of Gucci and Morbius (the first movie to sell one Morbillion tickets, to be fair) — the culture seems to be getting wise to Leto’s act, as evidenced by the fact that someone showed up to the Met Gala on Monday night in an outfit so absurd that people simply assumed it was Leto. It wasn’t. It’s actually Fredrik Robertsson, who’s a Swedish fashion designer, or influencer, or something. That really isn’t the point.

Twitter mistakes Fredrik Robertsson for Jared Leto at the 2022 Met Gala

Don’t worry, everyone (sarcasm): Leto did show up pulling a predictably Letoian stunt:

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