What It’s Like To Pilot A $100 Million, 13-Foot Tall Robot That Looks Like Its From A Sci-Fi Film

by 12 months ago

We’ve seen BattleBots, MegaBots, and now we’re getting close to a real robot making its way into the military. Check out the Method-2 robot and it’s not from a big budget sci-fi movie. Despite looking like the 13-foot tall robot looking like it was taken straight from Aliens, Avatar or RoboCop 2, this robot is real.

This enormous human-controlled robot is called the Method-2 and it is 1.6-tons of futuristic coolness. The massive robot is the project of South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology. One person who has already taken the Method-2 for a spin is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Development of the Method-2 has cost over $100 million, but the robot is not for sale… yet. So sorry Jeff, you can’t have this toy yet. Hankook Mirae Technology believes the Method-2 robot will be used for disaster relief or military operations.

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