What It’s Like To Pilot A $100 Million, 13-Foot Tall Robot That Looks Like Its From A Sci-Fi Film

by 3 years ago

We’ve seen BattleBots, MegaBots, and now we’re getting close to a real robot making its way into the military. Check out the Method-2 robot and it’s not from a big budget sci-fi movie. Despite looking like the 13-foot tall robot looking like it was taken straight from Aliens, Avatar or RoboCop 2, this robot is real.

This enormous human-controlled robot is called the Method-2 and it is 1.6-tons of futuristic coolness. The massive robot is the project of South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology. One person who has already taken the Method-2 for a spin is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Development of the Method-2 has cost over $100 million, but the robot is not for sale… yet. So sorry Jeff, you can’t have this toy yet. Hankook Mirae Technology believes the Method-2 robot will be used for disaster relief or military operations.

The reason the Method-2 looks like a robot from a sci-fi film is because Hankook Mirae Technology hired a Hollywood designer to create the robot’s look. Vitaly Bulgarov created models for Transformers Age of Extinction, RoboCop, and World of Warcraft. The Method-2 is the world’s first manned bipedal robot and can move 1.5 tons of stuff. The cabin holds one person and the pilot uses his hands to manipulate mechanical levers in the direction they want the robot’s arms and hands to go. As of now, the Method-2 is powered by a cable, but in the near future a battery will juice up the robot and provide three hours of movement. In the meanwhile, the company is getting requests by Hollywood studios to feature the Method-2 in movies. So you could see this big guy in a movie soon.

This 1.6-ton megabot from South Korea is operated by a human driver from CNBC.


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