USA Vs Japan Giant Deadly Robot Battle FINALLY Has A Date + Details On How To Watch

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I honestly feel like I’ve been writing about this USA vs. Japan deadly robot battle for half of my life. I’ve been covering this MegaBots, Inc. robot challenge since day 1 (years ago), but the end is finally in sight. Earlier today, MegaBots announced a date for the USA vs Japan giant deadly robot fight and it’s just around the corner.

The announcement came in the form of a YouTube video that will have you wanting to ride a bald eagle and kiss the Statue of Liberty on her feet…Details below:

Why did this announcement take so long? Well, according to the press release I received this morning from MegaBots, Inc. it’s because both MegaBots and Suidobashi (the enemy) were under a NDA until a date was finalized. The original venue for this deadly robot fight fell through, and as a result they had to scramble for a new venue. In order to ensure this venue works out they are choosing to keep the location secret. BUT, the giant deadly robots will square off in August 2017, and the robot fight will be streamed live on both the MegaBots YouTube channel and the Suidobashi YouTube channel.

Thus far, the MegaBots robot has only been seen in pieces. A fully assembled robot has yet to be seen by the public, but we’ll see the Mk.III deadly robot in its fully assembled final form in a soon-to-be-released video.

MegaBots MkIII Deadly Robot


MegaBots is also giving the general public a chance to see the the Mk.III deadly robot up close before it squares off against Japan’s robot. The Mk.III will be on display in the San Francisco Bay Area this Summer before the final battle against Japan…Does the choice of San Francisco’s location mean that the roboticists will then disassembled the Mk.III and fly it to Japan for the deadly giant robot fight? Or perhaps it means the fight will take place somewhere near San Francisco…We just don’t know, it’s all speculation.

For an update on the Mk.III’s progress you can see the robot lifting a car with one arm below, and you can follow MegaBots by liking them on Facebook:

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