Mia Khalifa Causes Uproar As Guest Lecturer At The Most Prestigious University In The UK

mia khalifa guest lecturer oxford

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Here’s something most people didn’t see coming: Mia Khalifa served as a guest lecturer at Oxford University, the most prestigious college in the United Kingdom.

No, really. This actually happened.

The former adult film star turned social media influencer recently spoke at the Oxford Student Union.

“Thank you to the @OxfordStudents for inviting me to speak on something so important to me,” Mia Khalifa tweeted. “I’m humbled by the history of the institution and the previous speakers at the Union, this is forever a core memory and something I can’t wait to show my future kids their mom did.”

Over on Instagram, Khalifa added, “Yesterday speaking to the Oxford Student Union was one of those life experiences where I was fully aware of how lucky I was to be living it the entire time and trying my best not to let a singular moment go for granted… thank you so much to the @theoxfordunion for the opportunity to speak at such an historic building and organization.

“I’m humbled and inspired by your passion to instill genuine change in the world and for curating such a diverse list of speakers at your union. What you do is incredible and important and I’m honored to have been on your floor.

“The imposter syndrome was REAL even though I was there to talk about boundaries and confidence and my life experiences, for which you can judge all you want, but I’m at Oxford for the what I’ve done with my life since then.

“And thank you to @dilarafindikoglu for dressing me in my DREAM uni fit, I felt like I belonged at Gryffindor house at Oxford.”

Naturally, Mia Khalifa’s appearance, giving a lecture to students at Oxford University caused a bit of commotion on social media.

“You know the world is ending when Mia Khalifa is giving lectures to university students,” someone wrote.

“And she wore that,” read another comment.

“Imagine being that dude who decided to skip lectures on that day,” read another tweet.

“The matrix is crazy,” someone else joked.

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