Miami Heat Fan Takes On Two Cops In A Wild Multi-Row Fight That Sent Him Directly To Jail [Video]

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A Miami Heat fan is having a very shitty Thursday after getting in a physical altercation with police officers during the Heat’s 105-89 loss to the hapless Bulls.

23-year-old Adrain Mato spent the night with Miami-Dade Corrections on charges of battery on a police officer, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly conduct and disorderly intoxication for his role in the altercation. Mato’s bond was set at $5,250, according to the Miami Herald. The dude cannot even deny the charges because it was all caught on crystal clear video.

The arrest affidavit indicates that Mato was being a nuisance in section 102, drunkenly screaming in Spanish and generally making a scene. Police claim he “was creating a hostile situation and disturbing the patrons from their routine behavior.”

The officer told Mato to calm down and stop yelling, but, still, Mato persisted. He also “reached in an aggressive manner towards one of the patrons standing within arms reach.”

Mato sat down, then stood up to resume yelling at another person in the stands, the officer “noticed that (Mato) had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage in his breath as well as he had a slurred speech as he yelled in Spanish.”

The officer requested backup while threatening to kick Mato out of the arena if he didn’t quiet down. Shortly after the second officer arrived, Matos’ volume and fighting stance convinced them to toss him from the arena.

The five-foot-seven, 150-pound Mato allegedly elbowed an officer in the stomach and swung his fists at another.

Through a translator, Mato told a judge Thursday he was vacationing in Miami and had planned to return home Sunday, according to Local 10.

Imagine sitting in a jail cell in a foreign country where you don’t know the most prevalent language for being a drunken asshole over some trivial shit. There’s no way that after Mato dried out, he believed he was fighting the good fight. Sitting in a jail cell sucks ass, but sitting in a jail cell for some silly shit gotta be an extra twist of the knife.

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