Today In Rich People News: Millionaire Offering Over $18K To Someone Who’s Willing To Test His Fiancee’s Loyalty

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Millionaire Offering 18000 To Someone Willing To Seduce His Fiancee


Apparently, when you have gobs and gobs of money, there are people out there who will cozy up to you in the hopes of getting married so they can live a luxe life on your dime. Who knew?

I certainly wouldn’t know anything about that, but there is one man who is more than a little concerned about being caught in just such a situation.

This man, a recently engaged millionaire, says he has been burned before by women who ended up only being interested in him for his money. And now, he’s starting to suspect that his current fiancee might also be a gold digger.

So, rather than go the usual routes to find out, he has decided to go utside the box and enlisted the help of luxury marketplace

…our customer, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain unnamed, is looking for male honey trapper to try and ‘bait’ his soon-to-be wife into revealing her true intentions – something that isn’t going to be an easy task.

His reasoning behind wanting to do it is pretty simple – he’s been messed around before for his money, and since getting engaged to his girlfriend, has become increasingly worried that this relationship might be heading in the same direction. She has refused his suggestions of a pre-nup, and since getting engaged just a few weeks ago, is becoming ever-more agitated to tie the knot, despite there being no reason to rush the wedding.

Millionaire Offering 18000 To Someone Willing Seduce His Fiancee


The request he sent us set out a list of requirements for the right candidate, and what the role will entail. The selected candidate must be ‘good looking’, have the ability to act convincingly, have facial hair and be in good physical shape – no small ask.

The man says the reason for these requirements is that he’d like the honey trapper to play the role of a good looking, wealthy man until the ‘exercise’ is concluded. The chosen candidate will be given access to a premium property, a couple of luxury cars and an agreed budget to spend whilst “working”.

Aaron Harpin, founder of, told the Mirror, “The concept of ‘gold diggers’ isn’t new. Indeed, it’s something that the rich and famous have long had to deal with. However, rarely do we see people tackling it in such a direct way. Obviously we’re hoping that if and when the right person is found for the unusual role, they won’t be able to make our client’s fiancée sway from him; no one wants to see couples break up, especially when they’re set to get married.”

Think you can get the job done? Then submit your application here. Oh, and if you get accepted, please do let us now exactly how it goes.

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